Practice Vigilance

The Locust Valley Water District has implemented a security system in the interest of public health and safety and asks consumers to remain vigilant as they travel about the community. If something seems suspicious or appears to be out-of-the-ordinary, a call should be placed to the district office, regardless of the time of day, so the proper authorities can investigate the situation.

Hydrants: No one is permitted to operate a hydrant without authorization from the water district. The public should always err on the side of caution and immediately report hydrant use or tampering to the water district.

Water District Property: Any unusual or suspicious activity taking place on or near water district property should be reported to the police or the water district as soon as possible.

Ask for ID: If someone claiming to work for the water district requests entry to your property, ask to see identification and call the district anytime during the day or night for confirmation. Do not grant anyone access until you are absolutely sure of their identity.