Locust Valley Water Stats

…established after a winter of 1919 fire claimed the life of a man who died while rescuing his children and 6 other people.

…supplies water around the clock for domestic use, irrigation purposes and firefighting needs.

…plays a significant part in determining the Insurance Services Office rating for the area, which impacts residents’ fire insurance premiums.

…maintains 2 - 1 million-gallon storage tanks and 6 underground wells capable of together pumping more than 10.2 million gallons of water daily.

…maintains 545 fire hydrants and over 56 miles of pipe, ranging in diameter from 6 to 16 inches.

…has 4 wells with auxiliary power units to insure an adequate supply of safe, potable water during a power emergency.

…vigilantly conducts water quality testing for more than 200 different constituents.